Residential Meter Requirements for Solar

Solar Energy Meter Reading

Learn how we gauge your solar energy generation.

In order to participate in the loan program, solar projects are required to have two PSE&G meters installed: the net meter and the inverter meter.

The net meter measures the electricity going in and out of your home. This is the meter used for monthly electric billing purposes.

The inverter meter, or Solar Renewal Energy Certificate (SREC) meter, is a revenue-grade meter that measures the cumulative energy production generated by your solar energy system in kilowatt hours (kWh). One thousand kWh equal one SREC. This meter is installed by PSE&G at the customer’s expense.

If your meter malfunctions

If for some reason the PSE&G meter is not functioning properly, PSE&G may accept data from a backup meter. However, customers must be able to produce a specification sheet confirming that the meter satisfies the current accuracy standards as set forth by the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

In the event that the PSE&G meter is not functioning properly and you are unable to provide data from a backup meter as described above, PSE&G will not enter any generation into the energy-generating tracking system for the period when the actual generation data cannot be obtained.

If PSE&G is unable to read your meter

If scheduling conflicts or other issues make it impossible for PSE&G to access your properly functioning meter, you may enter a meter reading through My Account.

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