Mandatory Local Inspections

Have Your Site Inspected BEFORE We Arrive

Your local inspection authority must inspect all electrical wiring and plumbing before PSE&G can install meters.

You'll need to provide a certificate of approval before we can install your electric and gas meters and connect service. For electric service, this is approval is known as a "cut-in card." For gas, you'll need an air pressure sticker.

After your wiring or plumbing is installed, arrange to have your local inspection authority certify your installation. Here's how.

Electric inspections

  • If you are advised to complete a wiring application by the Marketing Assistant assigned to your project,complete the application and send it to the place where you've been instructed.
  • If you are upgrading your service to 200 amps or less, you will need to pick up a meter pan from the location indicated by the Marketing Assistant assigned to your project. You will need to present the original of your city permit, and have your project reference number (also called the DWMS number).
  • PSE&G may conduct additional inspections to ensure that the electrical installation meets safety requirements.

Gas inspections

  • Contact your municipal code enforcement officials to schedule a pressure test/air test inspection.
  • Ensure that your local inspection authority affixes the yellow “piping pressure test” sticker to the house piping or the premises.
  • At least one major appliance must be installed and ready to be turned on and adjusted when we arrive for meter installation. Most often. this will be a heating or hot water system; a stove may not be sufficient.
  • There must be permanent electric service at the building where the gas meter is to be set.