Tree Trimming

PSE&G worker preparing to trim tree near power lines

Proactively Managing Potential Hazards

We work hard to balance our customers’ needs for reliable electricity and the health and viability of trees. Find out more about what we're doing to maintain the health and beauty of New Jersey's trees while also working to prevent future outages.
Transmission towers and lines in Rights of Way

Transmission Vegetation Management

Transmission lines are the long-haul carriers of the electricity that flows through our state. Find out how we proactively work to reduce hazards that could impact these important components of our electrical system.
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PSE&G worker trimming tree near power lines

Keeping Distribution Lines Safe & Clear

Our vegetation management program extends to every corner of the community as we focus on areas near distribution power lines, pruning trees to promote their growth away from equipment to avoid power interruptions.

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Eastern Redbud tree, featured plant of month

Right Tree, Right Place

Selecting the right trees to plant near power lines can minimize or prevent the need for pruning.
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Contact Us

Have a question about vegetation management? Our programs are planned by ISA certified arborists and we follow standards recognized by the Tree Care Industry Association. When you contact us, please be prepared to provide your name, address with municipality and the best phone number to reach you. Click below for ways to get in touch with us.
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