Outdoor Lighting and Unmetered Services

If you need to report a streetlight outage, please do so here.

Lighting Solutions & Other Unmetered Services

PSE&G offers efficient, affordable lighting solutions and unmetered services that enhance safety and improve reliability, including:

  • Decorative lighting and accessories
  • Commercial and industrial lighting
  • Security and roadway lighting
  • Pole attachments for devices such as cameras, communication equipment
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Outdoor Lighting Request

Streetlights (Public Property): If you’re looking to add a streetlight that will shine on a public street or property, you must get approval from your local municipality. The municipality must contact PSE&G directly to submit approved streetlight requests. PSE&G cannot process public streetlight requests from a customer on behalf of the municipality.
Area Lighting (Private Property): If you’re looking to add new area lighting at your business (i.e. lighting a parking lot), let PSE&G lighting experts help you choose the right products.
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All-Inclusive Outdoor Lighting Service Agreement

PSE&G offers a Turn-Key Maintenance lighting system. We'll work with you to choose the best products that meet your lighting needs.
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Lighting Options

PSE&G delivers state-of-the-art lighting options to enhance your business’s night time appearance. Our lighting experts will assist you to choose a product tailored to your specific needs.
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Security camera attached to a PSE&G utility pole is shown.

Attach Your Equipment to PSE&G Poles

We partner with you to mount your devices on our utility poles.

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Contact PSE&G to have your holiday decorations installed and, where requested, energized for illumination.

Holiday Lighting for Municipalities

In order to insure the safety of the public and accurate billing, PSE&G requests that you provide us with information about your intentions for the upcoming holiday season as soon as available.

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