Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for Emergencies

Preparing for natural disasters before they strike will ensure that you and your home are safer. The good news is that there are many minor home improvements you can make to protect yourself. Learn about common disasters in each region and how to prepare.

Also, prepare an emergency toolkit now to protect your home, family, or business before something unexpected happens.

Build Your Emergency Toolkit

  • Keep emergency numbers for police and fire departments near your house phone, and program them into your cell phone.
  • Ensure that children know how to make a call to 911, and under what circumstances they should do so.
  • Develop an emergency exit plan for your home in case of a fire. Practice the plan to make sure everyone can escape quickly and safely.
  • Build your emergency toolkit. Have everything you might need in one easily-accessible spot:
    • Charged cell phone
    • Flashlight(s)
    • Additional batteries
    • Battery-powered radio or TV
    • Battery-operated alarm clock
    • Bottled water & nonperishable food
    • Hand-operated can openers
    • First aid kit. Check out the American Red Cross "Anatomy of a First Aid Kit" for ideas.
    • An emergency preparedness kit. The American Red Cross provides a comprehensive list of what to include in a basic kit, like important personal documents, medications, extra cash, and more.

Gas Generators

When the power goes out, portable gas generators provide back-up electricity.Take steps to stay safe when you need to use it.

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