Current Initiatives

A female PSE&G executive wearing a hard hat in front of a power station

Preparing for Tomorrow Today

PSE&G has recently embarked on a multi-billion dollar program to rebuild New Jersey’s power transmission infrastructure. Learn more about what we're doing.
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Making New Jersey Energy Strong

New Jersey’s gas and electric infrastructure is on its way to becoming stronger and more resilient thanks to PSE&G’s Energy Strong Program.
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 Two PSE&G technicians preparing to install a large metal pipe

Gas Work in Your Town

We're working hard to accelerate the modernization of aging gas pipes. Under a nearly $1.9 billion program, we are replacing 875 miles of cast iron and unprotected steel mains across our service area over five years.

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 A PSE&G employee in a bucket lift examining utility wires

PSE&G Transmission

With the average per-person energy use more than doubling in the last 50 years, we need to ensure that our energy grid is up to challenge. Find out how we are keeping up with demand while also getting ready for tomorrow.
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