How to Remove Electric & Gas

Before you can get a demolition permit from your municipality, you'll need PSE&G to shut off electric and gas service.

For safety reasons, your municipality will not allow any demolition until we remove gas and electric services from the location. You will need a letter from PSE&G certifying that these services have been removed.

You can apply for service removal online, by mail, or by email. (See links above.)

IMPORTANT: what you need to know about service removal

  • It may take up to eight weeks to receive your letter. While PSE&G will make every effort to prioritize your request, service removals may be delayed due to weather, work load, road permits, site conditions (such as the need to remove wires, poles, or lighting), or issues that may present safety hazards to our crews or the surrounding area.
  • The property must be vacant before PSE&G can begin work.
  • The applicant must be the property owner.
  • Proof of ownership is required if the application does not list a municipality as the owner. Proof of ownership may be a deed, a tax bill, or signed closing papers. The name that is provided on the proof of ownership must match the name on the application.
  • The application must include the service address, which is often different from the mailing address.The service address can be found on the utility bill.
  • In addition to the owner, you may provide a project contact. This is the owner’s authorized agent and is the person that PSE&G will contact for property access. It’s important that this person can be reached during business hours and can provide access to the premises.
  • Meter numbers are required for all meters that need to be removed. You can find these on the utility bill as well as on the meters.
  • Intended future use of the site may impact service removal. Please indicate whether a home will be built, a store, business, apartments, etc.
  • Your letter will be mailed to the mailing address on the application. We’re also happy to send the letter via email, which will allow you to receive your letter a day or two earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions