Safety and Reliability

Your Safety Comes First

High voltage warning sign

Electrical Safety Myths

There are many misconceptions about electrical safety. Know the facts.
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Flooded street with water level almost reaching the top of a speed limit sign

Flood Safety

Protect yourself and your appliances in the event of a flood.
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Technician in a bucket lift repairing electrical wires

Employee Safety

You are important to us and so are our employees. There are things you can do to help keep our employees safe.
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PSE&G and Sesame Street

We've teamed up with Sesame Workshop to create Let's Get Ready, our free app for teaching emergency preparedness to preschool and kindergarten-age children.

Join Elmo and Get Ready!

Gas Safety

From using gas appliances to digging in your yard, learn how to be safe around natural gas.

Electric Safety

What to do around downed power lines, myths about electricity, and more.

Home Safety

Know the hazards found in and around your house.


At PSE&G we want you to know you can count on us. Find out what we're doing to make sure you're lights turn on and your home stays warm.