Gas Safety

A man installing a smoke detector while a woman looks on

Know What to Do

Find out how to detect and prevent gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

A technician using a device to test for carbon monoxide leaks

I Smell Gas ...

If you smell gas, leave the building and call 1-800-880-7734 (PSEG) or 911 to report the problem. Discover how to detect gas leaks and how to prevent damage to natural gas lines on your property.

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A finger about to depress the test button on a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Learn about symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones against this odorless, colorless hazard.

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A PSE&G technician servicing a gas heater

Gas Heater Safety

Safely troubleshoot basic gas heater problems, learn what to do if your system overheats, and find out when to call a technician.

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A stainless steel teapot sitting on top of a lit gas burne

Gas Appliance Safety

Learn how to keep your gas stove, gas dryer, or other gas appliances from becoming fire hazards.

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