Energy & Environmental Resource Center (EERC)

EERC: A Hands-on Learning Center and Community Resource

Join the conversation about energy and the environment.

The Energy & Environmental Resource Center (EERC) is passionate about providing hands-on learning that cultivates a greater understanding of energy and environmental challenges. We're committed to introducing audiences to innovative strategies that balance energy demand with environmental stewardship.

The 20,000 square-foot center opened in January 2010 and is housed in the former Nuclear Training Center in Salem, NJ. Walk through interactive exhibits that explore the impact of technology, lifestyle, and public policy on energy consumption and the environment.

A Community Resource

In addition to our exhibit space and tours, the EERC offers an auditorium, classroom and wet lab that we invite our community to share. These resources are available for:

  • Student field trips
  • Boy scout/ Girl scout troops
  • College groups
  • Teacher workshops
  • Civic and community group meetings and programs
  • Environmental and political stakeholders
  • Company functions

Going Green

In keeping with PSEG's commitment to environmental stewardship, the EERC building is certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. We also offer space for local environmental groups to showcase their initiatives.

Current Exhibits

The Energy & Environmental Resource Center invites visitors to explore exhibits that feature a variety of energy-related topics.

Power the Grid

Take the controls as a grid operator and power up different generation sources to meet a typical summer day's energy demand.

Climate Change

How can we balance our ever-increasing global energy demand with keeping our planet healthy? Explore potential effects on land, water, and air if we don't address civilization's effects on the climate.

Find a Balance

The Globe exhibit explores the effects of climate change around the world. Visit the Carbon Footprint Stations to evaluate your impact on the environment. Learn ways to reduce your energy consumption and increase energy more efficiently at home, on the road, and at work or school.

Renewable Energy

Learn how renewable energy sources work. Examine a solar panel and wind turbine model up close. Check out the electricity production that's measured and displayed in real time.

Nuclear 101

Investigate inside our mock containment structure. Study a model reactor core. Learn about nuclear power, radiation, safety and security, used fuel storage, and more.