Attach Your Equipment to PSE&G Poles

Procedure to Request the Use of PSE&G's Poles for Your Equipment

We partner with you to mount your devices on our utility poles.

You can also mail your request and documentation to our office at PSE&G Outdoor Lighting & Unmetered Services, 24 Brown Ave., Springfield, NJ 07081

To expedite the application process, please include the following information with your written request:

  • Your company's billing account number (for existing services)
  • Your company's preferred billing address
  • Municipal contact information
  • The equipment wattage/load (from the manufacturer's nameplate)
  • Quantity of equipment for mounting, according to type
  • Street names (with cross streets)
  • Specific PSE&G pole numbers (if available)
  • Certificate of your company's insurance coverage (insurance requirements attached)
  • Product manufacture specification sheet

PSE&G strives to deliver the industry's best services and and competitive pricing to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All of our customers must comply with the Tariff requirements. PSE&G interprets all unreported installations that bypass inspections, safety reviews, and payments for installations as required by the New Jersey State Board of Utilities-approved Tariff as theft of services, subject to prosecution and additional liability.

If you have inadvertently installed equipment without previously contacting PSE&G's Outdoor Lighting and Unmetered Services Department to set up this service, please contact us immediately at 800-664-4761 option 3. PSE&G will work with you to properly record, review, and ensure the safety and payment of your business's equipment.

For additional information about attaching to our infrastructure, please refer to the following related Tariff sections, also accessible here.