Storm Safety

Prepare Yourself and Your Home

Plan ahead before bad weather hits. Learn how to stay safe before, during, and after a storm. Connect with us to stay updated on any outages.

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Before a Storm

Be prepared. Prep your home before the power goes out.

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Stormy skies behind house roof

During a Storm

When strong, dangerous weather hits, know what to do to keep yourself and your family safe.

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Tangled wires wrapped around a fallen pole on the ground

After a Storm

The severe weather has finally cleared. Now what? Find tips to clean up nature's mess. Learn about PSEG's process to restore power efficiently and safely.

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Emergency kit with lantern, batteries, first aid kit

Prepare An Emergency Toolkit

Predicting the weather accurately has come a long way! But nature doesn't always cooperate with the evening forecast. Learn what to put in an emergency kit, how to create a family safety plan, and more.

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Gas Generator Safety

Want to keep the lights on even when the power's out? Portable gas generators provide back-up electricity. Learn how to use one safely.

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Floodwaters coming through an open door

Flood Safety

Find out the safest way to clear flood water from your basement. Learn how to protect your meter and natural gas appliances from flood damage.

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Stay Informed

MyAlerts sends email/text notifications of current outages, ETR, and more. You can register by texting REG to 47734 (4PSEG) or through My Account. Once registered, text OUT to 47734 to report your outage. 

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Post-weather Community Resources

Seeking immediate housing or financial assistance? Need to replace birth certificates or social security cards? Want to talk to a crisis counselor?

Stay Connected

Report outages, get power restoration updates, and much more.

Outages and Gas Leaks

Stay safe. Know what to do if there's a power outage or gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak, call us immediately or call 911.

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Life-Sustaining Equipment

If you or a member of your household rely on electricity to operate life-sustaining equipment, it’s important that you notify us.

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