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Hadco Capitol Luminaire


The Capitol is a classic choice when it comes to lighting any project, from Main Street to your local park. Its strong, heavy cast aluminum cage, top and finial exude confidence and Old World charm, while its refractive globe assures that your lighting system delivers the best performance available.
Hadco Contempo II Luminaire

Contempo II

The Contempo II's sleek lines make it picturesque by day, while it delivers exceptional performance at night. Efficiency with a contemporary twist makes the Contempo II the perfect urban decor.
Hado Deluxe Acorn II Luminaire

Deluxe Acorn II

Blending advanced performance with classic simplicity, this luminaire combines refractive globe with a sleek top and smooth fitter.
Hadco Franklin Park Luminaire

Franklin Park

Combining exceptionally high performance with a rarely found richness, this luminaire enhances the showcase quality of any project, large or small.
Hadco Hagerstown Luminaire


Turn-of-the-century style and refractive globe technology make this luminaire ideal for street lighting in residential and historic urban settings. Its flowered blocking and distinctive finial add historic charm to any lighting design. Available in Type III or Type V cutoff.
Hadco Signature Luminaire


This handsome luminaire lets you add your own signature to its classic period style. You can customize the Signature with any company or municipal logo, letting you create your very own fixture — and get state-of-the-art performance, too.
Hadco Large TearDrop Luminaire

Large TearDrop

Designed for a wide range of applications, the Large TearDrop offers warmth, beauty and simple maintenance — with tool-less entry to both lamp and ballast areas. This historical-style hanging fixture provides a broad light distribution, perfect for streets and parking areas. It is available with and without shade. Also available in Type III & V cutoff
Hadco Small TearDrop with Shade Luminaire

Small TearDrop with Shade

The Small TearDrop offers an all-aluminum cast housing designed for rapid heat dissipation and long life; a tool-less hinged housing that simplifies relamping; and the twist-Lock ballast with handle, which can be removed in minutes for easy, quick maintenance. It features precise lighting performance, and it can be specified in a wide variety of arm styles and color options, so you can create a truly individualized solution. Available with and without shade.
Hadco Trenton Luminaire


This classic fixture combines simplicity and ultimate efficiency, lending itself to virtually any architectural design. With its refractive globe and stately cast aluminum scalloped and fluted housing, it's poised to be this century's workhorse.
Hadco Classic I pole

Classic I

The most popular and versatile fluted pole available is aptly named. Works especially well when single and multiple fixtures, banners and signage are part of the plan. Available in heights of 10' to 18'; ideal with the Imperial bracket.
Hadco Classic II pole

Classic II

Features a 45" base that makes an impression on any project. Its fluted design is as versatile as the Classic I and is ideal for single and multiple fixtures, banners and signage. Available in heights of 10' to 18'. The Colonial bracket is a good match.
Hadco Colonial Fluted pole

Colonial Fluted

The added design elements and fluting provide a softer touch to this classic pole. Tapered cast aluminum in heights of 10' to 16'.
Hadco Contempo pole


When you're looking for a modern architectural element, the contemporary elegance of this design is right on target. Use with the Contempo bracket and with the Vero or Swan luminaire to enhance any lighting system. Available in 12' to 16' heights.
Hadco Heritage pole


This new pole was designed to marry the Old World style with maximum flexibility. Its handsome base and fluted shaft allow heights of 12' to 16' and multiple fixtures, banners and signage. To complement your look, consider using with the Colgate bracket.
Hadco Montclair pole


With its refined design elements and tapering, the Montclair adds sophistication to any setting. Available in 12' to 16' heights, it will enhance the detail of your design.
Hadco Tall Decorative Poles

Tall Decorative Poles

Fluted taper and smooth taper shafts. Available in 20' 25' 30' (smooth only) heights.
Hadco Colgate bracket


With exquisite decorative scalloping, this bracket is a beautiful representation of artisan detail. Its stately presence adds a touch of class to any project. Use with any pole design for 2 and 4 luminaires.


The Colonial bracket brings a simple, decorative accent to your project. It is available with two to four luminaires and is ideal for residential developments or sub-divisions. May be used with any pole for multiple luminaires.
Hadco Imperial bracket


With its rich, elegant scrolls, the Imperial bracket adds distinction to even the highest profile projects. It is available with two to four luminaires and works with any pole designated for multiple luminaires.
Hadco Richmond bracket


The short simple upsweep arm is suitable in contemporary and traditional applications. Available in single and twin, it works well with any pendant type luminaire such as the Richmond, Swan, Vero and Teardrop.
Hadco Classic I Shroud base

Classic I Shroud

A Classic I shroud provides a simple but decorative accent to a tall pole base. With this shroud it is now feasible to coordinate the pole base feature with the very popular pediestrian scale (10 to 18 ft) Classic I pole.
Hadco Montclair Shroud base

Montclair Shroud

The Montclair shroud has a refined design element and provides a touch of sophistication to any tall pole. With this shroud it is now feasible to coordinate the pole base feature with a pedestrian scale (12 to 16 ft) Montclair pole.
Hadco Bloomfield Arm

Bloomfield Arm

The Bloomfield arm with a straight upsweep and prominent scrollwork provides any roadway project a touch of traditional elegance. The arm is flexible for use on tall aluminum pole or existing round wood pole applications.
Hadco Haddonfield Arm

Haddonfield Arm

The Haddonfield arm is designed to have a gradual upsweep with simple yet elegant, scollwork. The gradual upsweep provides grace and elegance for your streetscape project.

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Holophane Esplanade


Styled to replicate the teardrop luminaires that lighted boulevards in the first half of the 20th century, the Esplanade is designed for maximum light control, easy installation and efficient maintenance — and, with its precision optical system, it also delivers outstanding performance. Esplanade is available with IES Cutoff Optics.
Holophane Hallbrook Luminaire


These sleekly styled luminaires meet the aesthetic and architectural qualities desired in decorative street and area lighting, while still providing superior optical, electrical and mechanical performance. They incorporate a precisely molded borosilicate glass refractor, which has been designed to help you achieve a warm, pleasant and exceptionally well-illuminated environment with lower wattage lamps and fewer luminaires.
Holophane GranVille Luminaire


GranVille captures the essence of the early 20th century while incorporating today's most advanced technology. Ideal for city streets, parks, residential areas, campuses, walkways and parking lots, these prismatic borosilicate glass refractors allow maximum spacings with excellent uniformity, minimize wasted light, and create a subtle sparkle. This unit is also available with decorative ribs and bands and spun aluminum cover.
Holophane GranVille Premier Luminaire

GranVille Premier

The latest addition to the popular GranVille line, the larger-scale GranVille Premier allows for higher mounting heights while maintaining proper scale with taller poles. Perfect post top mounting with the new Annapolis arm on North Yorkshire or Wadsworth poles greater than 10' in height.
Holophane GranVille Syracuse Luminaire

GranVille Syracuse

The GranVille Syracuse combines the traditional acorn-shaped luminaire, reminiscent of the 1920s, with a precision optical system that maximizes post spacings while maintaining uniform illumination. The unique spun aluminum cover has the optics pushing through the top, allowing for a distinctive nighttime appearance.
Holophane Washington Luminaire


This classic fixture replicates the acorn luminaires which beautified city streets during the first half of the 20th century. Designed for superior optical control and easy maintenance, it incorporates a precision acrylic prismatic glass optical system for exceptional performance and beauty.
Holophane North Yorkshire Pole

North Yorkshire

Available with smooth or fluted shafts and a 17" base, North Yorkshire poles are ideal for use with the Pedestrian Esplanade. A 27" tall base detail adds a nice element to any lighting project. Available in smooth and fluted shafts from 10' to 16' heights.

Rockford Harbor

Rockford Harbor poles deliver an exceptional combination of modern styling, premium grade material, advanced finish and testing, and superior construction. They are available with smooth and fluted shafts and an 18" base and are ideally suited for the GlasWerks product line. Also available in 10' to 16' heights.
Holophane Lisbon Brackets


These modern single or twin crossarms are especially well-suited for use with the GlasWerks luminaires and Rockford Harbor pole.
Holophane Camden Brackets


These modern single or twin crossarms are especially well-suited for use with the GlasWerks luminaires and Rockford Harbor pole.

Cooper ACN Luminaire


ACN decorative luminaires combine traditional character with updated styling and superior photometric performance, making them ideal for historic districts, downtown streetscapes, walkways, parking lots and many other applications.
Cooper ARC Luminaire


Offering a marriage of traditional shapes and contemporary styling, the ARC's superior photometrics offers excellent roadway illumination and uniformity — and its styling blends well in settings ranging from downtown streetscapes to roadways, residential neighborhoods to city parks.
Cooper CLB Luminaire


The CLB's contemporary lines and style transition to a more traditional fluted design, helping it fit exceptionally well in today's planned communities, outdoor retail applications and school campuses.
Cooper Dayform Traditionaire Luminaire

Dayform Traditionaire

The Dayform Traditionaire's clean style blends old-fashioned ambience with today's modern lighting technology, making it an excellent choice for parking areas, walkways and parks. It features a decorative glass chimney and polycarbonate refractor panels.
Cooper Epic Large Luminaire

Epic Large

New to the PSE&G offering, the Epic Large decorative luminaire collection delivers a modern, clean design and provides the flexibility of modular top, mid, and bottom luminaire components. Epic Large can be paired up with Contempo or Hudson poles to enhance most any project's visual impact. The line is dark sky friendly and offers full cutoff compliant fixtures.
Cooper Epic Medium Luminaire

Epic Medium

A smaller version of the Epic Large, the Medium boasts the same features as its larger counterpart, but provides a way to meet designs calling for the smaller scale lighting when the design requires a balance be struck between luminaire size and the area or structure to be illuminated. Epic Medium can be mounted on Contempo or Hudson poles and offers dark sky friendly full cutoffs.