Additional Costs

PSE&G must charge certain fees in association with the Solar Loan Program for Businesses.

Applicants and participants in the PSE&G Solar Loan Program can expect to pay the following fees:

Application Fee — $20/kW (maximum of $7,500); non-refundable upon receipt of conditional bid award

Administration Fee — $85/kW; deducted from the loan proceeds at closing

Solar Renewal Energy Credit (SREC) Processing Fee — $16.11/SREC* to offset the long-term cost of processing and managing SRECs generated by the solar generation facility; the fee will be billed at the time of the borrower’s annual true-up and multiplied by the number of SRECs generated by the project over the previous year.

Participants should select a bid price that takes this fee structure into account.

All fees will be incorporated into the loan calculators available on the PSE&G Solar Loan website.

*Adjusted annually based on PSE&G program cost forecasts.

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