WorryFree Heating and Cooling Repair & Protection Plans for Your Business

Save Time and Money

Get the convenience of 24/7 repair scheduling online or by phone. Pay no deductible or charges for covered parts* or labor.

Why choose WorryFree heating and cooling protection plans?

PSE&G WorryFree Residential Contract Program, Terms & Conditions
  • Pay no deductibles or charges for covered parts* or labor.
  • Easy scheduling of repair appointments 24/7, online or by phone.
  • Dependable and timely service with New Jersey’s largest fleet of appliance repair vehicles.
  • Consistent pricing no matter how old your equipment is.*
  • Have one contact for all your heating and cooling equipment repairs.
  • Simple, straightforward billing that allows you to pay for your WorryFree repair plan with a convenient monthly payment on your PSE&G energy bill.
  • Take advantage of additional benefits exclusively for WorryFree customers, such as FREE membership in Buyer’s Edge Inc. SM, a program that provides wholesale pricing on appliances and electronics.

View the Terms and Conditions of our WorryFree plans.


WorryFree optional services are subject to review and approval of competitive service balance history and only available to customers in PSE&G’s service area. You can find other providers in your local phone directory. PSE&G will use an authorized licensed plumber to replace your water heater. Subject to parts availability. Not all parts are covered. Response times will vary by seasonal demands and by the nature of the problem. Contracts do not provide priority service, regular maintenance, or annual inspections. No visit charges or deductibles apply for service calls related to covered equipment that becomes defective or inoperable as a result of normal wear and usage. Twenty-four hour response time not guaranteed. If there is more than one electric central air conditioner, natural gas building heater, or other appliance of the same type (e.g., two electric central A/C units, two building heaters, two water heaters, etc.), a contract must be purchased for each piece of equipment. Visit pseg.com/bizterms for detailed terms and conditions. Equipment must meet PSE&G’s specification, safety, and access requirements, as detailed in the program’s terms and conditions. Air conditioning units over five tons are excluded. Rooftop heating units over 150,000 BTUs and all other gas furnaces/boilers over 399,000 BTUs are excluded. Gas water heaters over 100 gallons are excluded. Prices are subject to change without notice. Preexisting defects are not covered. Parts in direct contact with water of a Hot Water Boiler system are not covered. PSE&G WorryFree Services are only available to customers located in PSE&G’s service territory. Similar services can be provided by service companies other than PSE&G. A list of those service companies may be available from public listings, including telephone directories. Special note: WorryFree Contracts do not provide for gas emergency service. If PSE&G is not your gas provider, and you detect a gas odor, have a gas appliance that will not shut off, or have a carbon monoxide concern, contact your local gas utility. If this is a packaged system, gas rooftop heating unit coverage must also be purchased. If this is a packaged system, rooftop electric air conditioner coverage must also be purchased.

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