If You Need Help Managing Your Energy Bill

Need Some Help?

See which resources may be able to provide the assistance you need to stay current on your energy bill.

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Assistance Overview

Learn about payment assistance programs in this video.

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If you're concerned about staying current on your energy bill, we have a five-part strategy to help you.

  1. Check out our trove of energy-saving tips that may be able to help you cut down on your monthly power usage and reduce your energy bills.
  2. Sign up for our Equal Payment Plan to get predictable monthly energy bills.
  3. See if you qualify for one of the two free home energy conservation and weatherization programs that are available for low-income households.
  4. If you’re behind on your bill but can’t make up the past-due balance all at once, a Deferred Payment Agreement, or DPA, may be able to help you catch up.
  5. If you still need additional help, see if you qualify for other payment assistance programs. Help is available for everyone, including both low- or moderate-income households.

Learn about some of these programs below:

Get a predictable monthly energy bill with PSE&G Equal Payment Plan. This plan is free to all PSE&G customers. Your account must be current to be eligible for this program.

How it works:

PSE&G divides your previous year's energy usage into 12 equal monthly payments, so you can pay the same amount each month. We'll review your account every six months. If your usage changes, we'll modify your payment amount up or down.

We'll continue to read your meter every month. Annually, you'll be billed for your regular payment amount, plus any balance due as the result of increased energy usage, or minus any credits due to energy savings. This is called the balancing month.

You'll still be able to track your energy usage by looking at the PSE&G Equal Payment Plan section on your bill.

Sign up online to enroll.

Home Energy Conservation and Weatherization Programs

New Jersey Comfort Partners is a part of New Jersey's Clean Energy Program - a program funded by the state of New Jersey's Board of Public Utilities which is administered through a partnership between BPU and New Jersey gas and electric public utilities. Comfort Partners allows a qualified PSE&G income eligible, residential customers to receive this free energy saving and energy education program.

Learn more and view eligibility requirements.


Home Weatherization Program for Income-Qualified Customers
Based on your income level, you may be eligible to receive a no-cost energy efficiency inspection to identify energy-saving opportunities all around your home.

See if you qualify for a no-cost energy efficiency inspection.

Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA)

If you’re behind on your bill but can’t make up the past-due balance all at once, a Deferred Payment Arrangement, or DPA, may be able to help you catch up. You can pay your past due balance over an agreed upon period of time. 

During the period of your DPA, each month you’ll continue to pay your regular monthly bill, plus the DPA amount toward your past-due balance. To make a Deferred Payment Arrangement, log in to My Account.