Demolition Process

Demolition Process

We want to make sure we complete our part of your project safely and properly. Learn the process by which we will remove meters, wires, poles, or other equipment.

Please review the following information to familiarize yourself with PSE&G’s Demolition Process. This process is designed to ensure the safety of both the public and our associates, and to abide by all applicable regulations. There are numerous steps to this process, not all of which are visible to the customer, but which are critical to safely complete your request.

Gas Service

PSE&G’s Demolition Group will contact you to make an appointment for the removal of any PSE&G gas meters that are inside the building(s). These appointments are between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday - Friday.

By creating your project, an electronic notification is sent to the District Office handling gas service in your municipality. That office will evaluate your request and determine whether a Road Opening Permit (ROP) is required by your municipality for PSE&G to perform the necessary work. Obtaining ROPs can take several weeks depending on the municipality, and permits for state and county roads could take longer. After the ROP has been received by PSE&G, markouts identifying other underground utilities must be requested. By state law, PSE&G cannot proceed with any physical work until at least the 4th day after the markout request.

Electric Service - Residential

Within a week after your project has been created, a PSE&G Meter Technician will visit the premise to remove our electric meter. The primary contact indicated on the demolition application will be contacted directly if access to the meter is required. After the meter has been removed, PSE&G’s Construction department will receive a work order(s) to remove wires, poles, and other equipment. Timeframes for this work vary depending on the existing volume of customer work that has already been scheduled.

Electric Service - Non-Residential

After the meter is removed, these projects are often reviewed by PSE&G’s Engineering department, which creates work orders specific to the types of service and equipment at the premise. The work orders are forwarded to the Construction department, and the appropriate crews and equipment are scheduled to perform the work. If there is area lighting to be removed, additional engineering and work crews are required.

Completion Letters

Once the Demolition Group has received verification from both the electric and gas departments that all necessary work has been completed, a letter will be sent, via fax, to the project contact and also by mail to the applicant indicated on the original demolition application.