Solar and Renewable Energy

Solar panels installed on the roof of a home

How to Go Solar with PSE&G

Want to embrace clean energy? Consider this your one-stop shop for going solar with PSE&G.
A technician installing solar panels on the roof of a home

Building Your Solar Installation

Find out how to get approval to build your residential solar energy system and connect it to the PSE&G energy grid.

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A house with solar panels on the roof is shown.

Solar Power and Net Metering

Most solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in New Jersey are connected to the local utility’s electric system through a process called “net metering.”

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Solar power suitability map is shown.

Solar Power Suitability Map

To see if the electric circuits around your project are suitable for new solar capacity, please enter the address where you want to install the solar system in the search field on our Solar Power Suitability Map.

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