Transmission Vegetation Management Questions

How Can We Help?

The contact information below is for PSE&G New Jersey customers ONLY. (PSEG Long Island customers should call 1-800-490-0025)

All questions related to turf/grass mowing on PSE&G owned property within a transmission corridor should be directed to: 732-289-5292.

Not sure which area you're in? Check the map and municipalities information below.

PSE&G Transmission Right-of-Way & 69kV Vegetation Management:

Manager, Vegetation Management
Brian Hartel
Phone: 732-289-5292

Transmission Vegetation Manager
Richard Arnold
Phone: 732-289-5292

Supervisor – Northern Transmission Division
Joseph Guerrera
Phone: 732-484-0338

Supervisor – Southern Transmission Division
Michael Kozlowski 
Phone: 732-977-3917

Supervisor – Transmission 69kV
Jay R. Kaplan
Phone: 732-439-5085


Transmission Vegetation Management Areas

The Transmission network is divided into two divisions; the work in each division is overseen by a Supervisor of Transmission Vegetation Management.


 A map of New Jersey showing the different regions for PSE&G's transmission tree trimming program