Solar Power Suitability Map

PSE&G’s electrical grid is made up of a number of individual electric circuits.

There is a limit to the amount of electricity - including the electricity generated by a net metered solar system - that an electric circuit can safely and reliably accommodate.

To see if the electric circuits around your project are suitable for new solar capacity, please enter the address where you want to install the solar system in the Search field on the Solar Power Suitability Map.

  • Red represents area that have less than 100kW available.
  • Yellow represents areas that have 100-1000kW available.
  • Green represents areas that have over 1000kW available.

This map is for informational purposes only, please submit a formal application for an official response.

*Map works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer v8.0 and above browsers.

Solar Power Suitability Map legend