Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural Gas: Abundant and Dependable

This versatile fuel costs less than oil, heats more efficiently, and can fuel fireplaces, stoves, dryers and more.

Why make the switch to natural gas?

It's more affordable than propane, oil or electricity.

  • High-efficiency natural gas appliances usually cost less to operate than average electric appliances because they use energy more efficiently with less waste and have lower fuel costs.
  • Find out how much you can save with rebate programs, like PSE&G's HVAC Instant Rebate Program, when you convert to a high-efficiency natural gas heating system and water heater.
  • We have an abundant supply of domestic natural gas, which helps keep costs lower. Since the US imports much of its oil, international events often negatively affect its price and supply.


It's reliable.

  • Since the distribution system is underground, extreme weather won't affect delivery.
  • Natural gas is in steady supply. Unlike oil, you don't have to monitor the amount left in a tank, remember to order more or worry about running out.
  • Some natural gas appliances, like stoves and water heaters, work even when the electricity is out.


It's efficient.

  • Natural gas furnaces have achieved higher heating efficiency than other heaters. Their combustion chambers reach higher temperatures to generate strong heat more quickly - an advantage in colder climates.
  • Natural gas dryers dry clothes faster.
  • Natural gas hot water heaters can heat a full 50-gallon tank in an hour.


It's environmentally friendly.

  • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel with no soot, ash or odor.
  • It produces about 45% less carbon dioxide than coal, 30% less than oil and 15% less than wood.
  • It is non-toxic and, if inhaled in small amounts, not harmful or poisonous to humans.
  • Since it isn't stored on your property, there's no threat of spills, soil contamination or tank corrosion.