PSE&G to upgrade gas facilities in Bloomfield


In early March PSE&G will be working in Bloomfied to replace aging cast iron gas pipes with new, durable plastic and/or coated steel piping – ensuring the continued safety and reliability of our gas system well into the future.

Work will take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., with the potential for Saturday work. The gas main replacement and services portion of the work is expected to take place through the remainder of the year. If you reside on one of the streets listed more information will be coming directly to your home.

If you have questions please contact dedicated gas construction line 1-833-661-6200 and leave a message.

Below are the streets where work will take place: Red (completed), Blue (In Progress), Green (Not yet started)

Street Between Street 1 Between Street 2
Albert Ter Clair St End (North)
Andover Pl Coeyman Ave End (North)
Arcadia Ct E Passaic Ave End (South)
Arlington Ave Watsessing Ave MacArthur Ave
Augustus St Clark Ave End (w/o Clark Ave)
Barnes Pl Byrd Ave End (West)
Bell St Davis Ave End (North)
Belleville Ave Willet St Smith St
Berkeley Ave Montgomery St End
Bessida St End (West) American Way
Bromley Pl Coeyman Ave Border of Nutley
Broughton Ave Scott Rd Norwood Pl
Broughton Ave 60' n/o Sampson St Ketner St
Byrd Ave W Passaic Ave

150' s/o of Byrd Pl

Byrd Ave  150' s/o of Byrd Pl 400' s/o of Byrd Pl
Byrd Ave  400' s/o Byrd Pl E Passaic Ave
Byrd Pl Byrd Ave  End (West)
 Carlton Ter  Bromley Pl (North) Bromley Pl (South)
 Chadwick Dr  Coeyman Ave  Ridge Rd
 Chestnut Ter  Day St  End (South)
 Civic Pl  Broughton Ave  170' e/o Broughton Ave
 Civic Pl  170' e/o Broughton Ave  End (East)
 Clair St  Watchung Ave  Davis Ave
 Clair St  Davis Ave  Johnson Ave
 Clark Ave  Bay Ave  End
 Clark Pl  Clark Ave  End (w/o Clark Ave)
 Coeyman Ave  E Passaic Ave  40' e/o E Passaic Ave
 Coeyman Ave  40' e/o E Passaic Ave  Chadwick Dr
 Davis Ave  Clair St  80' e/o Clair St
 Davis Ave  80' e/o Clair St  Bell St
 Day St  W Passaic Ave E Passaic Ave
 Dewey St  End (West)  End (East)
 Douglas St  Bessida St  End (South)
 E Passaic Ave  Leo Ter  Perry Rd
 E Passaic Ave  Perry Rd  Centre St
 Elizabeth Ct E. Passaic Ave End (North)
 Essex Ave 340' s/o sunset ave 775' n/o Glen Ridge Pkwy
Fitzherbert St Broughton Ave End (West)
 Essex Ave  340' s/o sunset ave  775' n/o Glen Ridge Pkwy
 Fitzherbert St Broughton Ave  End (West)
 Gordon Ct  Sadler Rd  End (East)
Gracel St Broughton Ave American Way
Gregory Ter E Passaic Ave Bromley Pl
Grove St East Orange Border  Watsessing Ave
Haines Dr. Broad St.  Boulder Pl
Hobson St End (West) 280' e/o Brouhgton Ave
Hobson St 280' e/o Brouhgton Ave
End (East)
Hyde Rd Claremont Ave 375' n/o of Claremont Ave
James St 250' e/o Rose Pl 130' e/o Lois Pl
Johnson Ave Clair St Bell St
Libertty St Walnut St Berkeley Ave
Main Ter Broughton Ave End (East)
 Meisler Rd Darling Rd Reigate Rd
Mohr Ave Clair St 50' e/o Bell St
Montgomery St Valve 19272 Wiliet St
N. 16th St (East) 30' n/o Abington Ave 290' s/o Breadsley Ave
Newark Ave TS C-3 6713 Franklin St
 Norman St  Renner Ave  Rhoda Ave
 Orchard St  Montgomery St  Hazelwood Rd
 Parkway Pilch St  Pilch St
Perry Rd Byrd Ave E Passaic Ave
Phillips St Watchung Ave End(south)
PRW 14 W Passaic Ave (Valve 21029) Reigate Rd
Reigate Rd Meisler Rd Renner Ave
Renner Ave Reigate Rd End (south)
Rogers PL Byrd Ave Perry Rd
Rose Pl James St End
Sadler Rd E Passaic Ave Pilch St
Sampson St Broughton Ave End (East)
Sampson St Broughton Ave 60' n/o Sampson St
Scott Rd Broughton Ave End (West)
State St Park St Liberty St
Stone St Broughton Ave End (East)
W Passaic Ave Yale St High St
Walnut  Montgomery St/TS 806 70' n/o Liberty St
Walter St Broughton Ave End (West)
Watchung Ave  E. Passaic Ave End (West)
 Watchung Pl Sadler Rd Highland Ave
Willet St Montgomery St Belleville Ave
Williamson Ave Montgomery St Liberty St

Bromley Pl (North)

Bromley Pl (North)