PSE&G to upgrade gas facilities in Fair Lawn


In mid-May PSE&G will be working in Fairlawn to replace aging cast iron gas pipes with new, durable plastic and/or coated steel piping – ensuring the continued safety and reliability of our gas system well into the future.

If you reside on one of the streets below more information will be coming directly to your home. The anticipated end for the project is the end of October 2018.

If you have questions please contact our dedicated gas construction hotline 833-661-6200 and leave a message.

Below is the street where work has taken place: Red (completed), Blue (In Progress), and Green (Not yet started)

All work for this project is currently completed in Fair Lawn. Restoration will take place in Spring of 2019.

Street Between Street 1 Between Street 2
Broadway Elmwood Park Border Virginia Dr
Fern St Myrtle Ave End (East) 
Garrison Ter Halstead Ter  Greenwood Dr 
Hale Pl  Hedman Pl  Jerome Pl 
Jerome Pl  Taylor Rd  Hillside Terr 
Kipp St  Plaza Rd  Maynard Pl 
Madelyne Pl  Plaza Rd  End 
Merrit Pl  Mitchell Pl  Mason Pl 
PRW 4  Wagaraw Rd  End (NorthEast) 
PRW 4 Valve 1483  End (South) 
Remington Rd  Ramsey Ter  Berdan Ave 
Taylor Rd  Jerome Pl  Saddle River Rd
Taylor Rd Jerome Pl  Berdan Ave 
Urban Pl  Southern Dr Southern Dr 
Yost Pl  Yerger Rd Sycomore Dr