Upgrades and New Installations

Planning a Construction Project?

PLEASE NOTE:  In an effort to help minimize the exposure of COVID-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus) for everyone while continuing to perform our business functions, it’s important we recognize several important modifications to the New Business Process

Learn how to apply for new gas or electric service, or how to make changes in existing service.

Establish new electric or gas service or upgrade existing service by following these three steps:

  1. Fill out the appropriate application and find out what should happen before and after you apply (the information below provides more detail on this step).
  2. Schedule a mandatory local inspection to receive your Certificate of Approval (or cut-in card) prior to our scheduled service date.
  3. Prepare your site for installation.

Before you apply

Plan in advance - Residential service requests may take up to six weeks to complete. Commercial or industrial requests may take longer. Availability of service, the acquisition of road opening permits, and municipal inspections may cause time frames to vary. Submit your completed applications as early as possible, as they are processed in the order they are received. Call to speak with a Construction Inquiry representative if you need guidance.

Read our installation requirements

Applicants or their representatives requesting service, should be familiar with PSE&G's specific service characteristics and installation requirements.

Please make sure your site is within PSE&G's service area.

Additional Builder/Developer Resources:

What you will need to apply

To allow us to process your application quickly and efficiently, you will need:

  • Approved site plans or foundation in place
  • Contact information for yourself or your authorized representative
  • Billing information
  • Service location and use information, including pole/pad numbers (if available)
  • For new electric service: load details for the new meter(s) you are requesting, including volts, amps, phase, and air conditioning load
  • For electric service upgrades, moves, or splits: load details for both the existing meters and new meters, including volts, amps, and phases
  • For new gas service: project start date/expected service date and load details for all meters, including required pressure
  • For new service for a residential subdivision: details on the different types of units, including electric and gas load details, pressures, volts, amps, and phases
  • For phased construction: number of each type of unit for each phase and timelines for each phase

Use the applications on this page to apply for:

  • New or upgraded electric and/or gas service for new construction or renovations
  • Requests to change from oil to gas
  • Requests for temporary service
  • Requests for utility pole relocation

Do NOT use the applications to apply for removal of gas or electric service prior to demolishing a structure. Municipalities will not issue a demolition permit until they receive confirmation of gas/electric removal from PSE&G. Find out how to request service removal here.

Apply for residential service - see above.

Apply for commercial service

Initiate electric or gas service changes for new or existing commercial or industrial buildings, or for multi-family buildings that have four or more meters OR for existing buildings that require new service for the first time.

Download the Commercial Electric Service Application for Existing Service

Download the Commercial Gas Service Application for Existing Service

Download the Commercial Electric Service Application for New Service

Download the Commercial Gas Service Application for New Service

After you apply

We will review your request and provide a response as soon as possible. You will receive a reference number for your project. Keep this number handy, as you will need it to make inquires about your service request.

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