Safety Tips

Two adults and two children smiling at the camera

Avoid Hazards, Stay Safe

Learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from electric and gas hazards.

An electrical outlet with safety covers

Home Safety

Discover ways to prevent electrical incidents in your home.
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A power outlet inside a protective case installed outside a house

Outdoor Safety

Learn how to spot and remedy potentially unsafe conditions outside your home during every season.
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A technician working on elevated power lines

Help Keep Our Technicians Stay Safe

Find out how you can help keep our skilled technicians safe and productive while they work to keep you energized.
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A closeup of a pot of boiling water

Prevent Hot Water Scalds

Infants, children, and the elderly are especially vulnerable to burns when exposed to overly hot water. Learn what you can do to avoid injuries.
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A person starting to dig a hole in a grassy area

Call Before You Dig

Avoid injuries by having your underground pipes, wires, and equipment located and marked out for free. Learn more about why you should call 811 before digging.
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A kite stuck in a power line

Balloon and Kite Safety

Kites and metallic balloons can create serious electrical hazards. Learn how—and why—you should keep them away from power lines.
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