Water Heaters

Unexpected Cold Shower? Wet Floor in Your Basement?

We'll help take the guesswork out of choosing a more energy efficient, cost-effective water heater.

Choosing the Right Water Heater

Water heaters account for about 15% of an average home's energy bill. The size of your water heater depends on the number of people in your house.

Gas Water Heaters
Total number of people in the house: Gallon Capacity Needed
4 or fewer 30 Gallon
5 - 7 40 Gallon
8 - 9 50 Gallon
10 - 12 75 Gallon
Electric Water Heaters


Total number of people in the house: Gallon Capacity Needed
4 or fewer 40 Gallon
5 - 6 50 Gallon
7 - 8 66 Gallon
9 - 10 80 Gallon
10 - 12 120 Gallon

Types of Water Heaters

Standard: Traditional water heaters store and preheat 30 - 75 gallons in a tank. A shower, laundry, or dishwater uses the preheated water. The cycle repeats when the tank refills automatically with new water which the system heats. They cost less to buy, but may be more to run and may wear out sooner.


Tankless: These systems heat water on demand instead of storing it in the tank. They help conserve gas, take up less space, and last 5 - 10 years longer than traditional tank heaters. However, they typically are more expensive than a traditional standard water heater to install and may require upgrades to your natureal gas line and venting system.


Know When to Replace a Water Heater

Water heaters that are 10 years old or older are usually nearing the end of their lifespan. If your water heater leaks or you run out of hot water more quickly than you expect, your water heater may need replacing. Other signs of failure include slow recovery to re-heat water, noisy operation, calcium buildup, or no hot water.

A water heater's longevity depends on various factors including water quality and the water heater itself. An average lifespan of a standard water heater is 10 - 12 years.

Our WorryFree Process Warms Up Your Water in No Time

Start the replacement process by calling 1-800-539-7734 24/7 to speak to one of our on-call water heater experts live. When you call us by 1 p.m. Monday through Saturday, we can schedule most installations that same day.

Please note: PSE&G does not replace mobile home water heaters. Those water heaters require special equipment. We recommend contracting a plumber that specializes in that type of installation.