PSE&G to complete paving in Edison


After PSE&G upgrades the gas lines in your neighborhood, we first wait for the ground to settle and then return to restore roads with permanent paving in accordance with each town's ordinance and paving requirements. Our goal is to complete this work with minimal impact to customers. Police will be directing traffic, and residents will be able to drive on the roads once the paving is complete. You will have access to your driveway throughout the work.

If you have any questions about the restoration process, you may call and leave a message at New Brunswick Gas District 732-22-6207.

The streets below are scheduled to be paved prior to the end of the year. Please remember this work is weather dependant and the schedule may be adjusted if necessary.

Street Between Streets
Brookhill Ave Leslie St 50' s/o Mineola Pl
Campbell Ave 235' s/o Mineola Pl 60' n/o Rt 27
Cardownie St Todd St End
Daniel Road Park Avenue Richard Road
David Court Richard Road End
Florence St Russell Ave Planfield Ave
Flower Court Richard Road End
Frances Road Harding Road Richard Road
Gaskill Ave Taft Ave End
Harding Avenue Stephenville Parkway 170' N/o Frances Road
Homestead Road Stephenville Parkway 250' N/o Maida Road
Kathleen Pl 100' w/o Joseph Pl Valve 6876
Lincoln Hwy Plainfield Ave 180' s/o Colton Rd
Lincoln Hwy Sycamore Ave Talmadge Rd
Maida Road Homestead Road Harding Road
Outcalt Rd Caldwell Rd Moryan Rd
Outcalt Rd Moryan Rd Vineyard Rd
Ovington Ave Loring Ave Schuyler Dr
Richard Road Stephenville Parkway Daniel Road
Richard Road Daniel Road Frances Road
Rose St Highland Park Border 30' w/o Orange St
Short St Rose St End
Stephenville Parkway Richard Road Homestead Road
Taft Ave Gaskill Ave 80' s/o Gaskill Ave
Tallmadge Rd Lincoln Hwy 260' n/o Lincoln Hwy