PSE&G will be working in Elmwood Park


Elmwood Village Apartments & Townhomes


Starting the week of 11/5, weather permitting, PSE&G will begin replacing old gas pipes in the courtyard areas of the apartment complex with new piping – ensuring the continued safety and reliability of your gas service.


  • To upgrade the gas lines, we dig trenches and lay new pipes. At the end of each workday, the trenches are filled in. You will always have access to the common driveways.


  • When we dig on the property, we restore any disturbance. Grass areas are repaired and seeded. If sidewalks or roadways are impacted then concrete or asphalt openings are patched until final restoration work is scheduled.


  • After the service lines are upgrades, a PSE&G technician needs to access your home to connect the service line and gas meter to the new gas main. While your service line being upgraded, you can expect to be without gas service for about 4 hours. Once that is completed, a technician will relight all appliances and make sure they are working safely before leaving your home. We will work with tenants and the property management company to schedule these appointments.


  • When work is finished, we repair roads, if applicable, with temporary pavement until the project is complete and the ground settles. This generally takes 45 to 90 days. Final restoration may take longer depending on the weather conditions, size of the project, or at the request of the town. PSE&G then permanently restores all surfaces in accordance with town ordinance and in agreement with the property management company.


When the work begins, if you have any questions please call 1-833-661-6200


All work is currently completed in Elmwood Park - restoration will take place in the Spring of 2019. Please check back for updates