PSE&G to upgrade gas facilities in Madison


PSE&G has been working in Madison to replace aging cast iron gas pipes with new, durable plastic and/or coated steel piping – ensuring the continued safety and reliability of our gas system well into the future.

The gas main replacement and services portion of the work has been completed. Please check our paving section for information regarding restoration in your neighborhood.

If you have any questions, please call our dedicated Gas Construction hotline at 1-833-661-6300 and leave a message.

Street Between Street 1 Between Street 2
Alexander Ave Main St Grove St
Cedar St Dehart Pl North to deadend
Cross Gates Rd Woodland Rd Pomeroy Rd
Dehart Pl Walnut St West to dead end
Delbarton Dr Niles Ave End
Dellwood Dr Woodland Rd Woodland Rd
Dellwood Pkwy E Dellwood Dr S Dellwood Pkwy
Dellwood Pkwy S Dead end off of E Dellwood Pkwy Dead end off of W Dellwood Pkwy
Dellwood Pkwy W Dellwood Dr Dead end off of S Dellwood Pkwy
Durwood Pl Niles Ave Brooklake Rd
East Ln 820' se/o Cross Gates Rd East Ln
Fletcher Pl Niles Ave Brooklake Rd
Grove St Greenwood Ave Highland Ave
Hamilton St Greenwood Ave Rosedale Ave
Highland Ave Grove St Rosedale Ave
Hillview Ave Hamilton St Parkside Ave
Knollwood Ave 65' s/o Greenwood Ave Rosedale Ave
Lee Ave Hamilton St Valley Rd
Longview Ave Rosedale Ave 335' nw/o Sherwood Ave
Niles Ave Delbarton Dr Main St
Norman Cir Woodland Rd Woodland Rd
Parkside Ave Rosedale Ave 320' nw/o Hillview Ave
Pine Tree ter Niles Ave Brooklake Rd
Sayre Ct Wayne Blvd Ridgedale Ave
Sherwood Ave Hamilton St 40' ne/o Longview Ave
Walnut St Ridgedale Ave Central Ave
West Ln Cross Gates Rd end