PSE&G to complete paving in Montclair


After PSE&G upgrades the gas lines in your neighborhood, we first wait for the ground to settle and then return to restore roads with permanent paving in accordance with each town's ordinance and paving requirements. Our goal is to complete this work with minimal impact to customers. Police will be directing traffic, and residents will be able to drive on the roads once the paving is complete. You will have access to your driveway throughout the work.

If you have any questions about the restoration process, you may call and leave a message at Orange Gas District 973-414-1443.

Please remember this work is weather dependent and the schedule may be adjusted if necessary. 

Milling will begin on September 28th - the entire project will conclude approximately two weeks from the start.

Street Between Streets
Aubrey Rd N Fullerton Ave Carolin Rd
Carolin Rd N Fullerton Ave Grove St
Cooper Ave Park St 300' e/o Park St
Fernwood Ave Valley Road Norwood Ave
Fernwood Ave Valley Rd 545' e/o Valley Rd
Fidelity Pl Forest St End (West)
Friendship Pl Forest St End (West)
Jerome Pl Valley Rd Upper Mountain Ave
Macopin Ave Valley Rd Park St
N Fullerton Ave Wildwood Ave Gordonhurst Ave
Oakwood Ave Valley Rd Norwood Ave
Park St 50' s/o Lorraine Ave Haddon Pl
Sylvan Pl Forest St Erie St
Unknown PRW Park St End
Upper Mountain Ave Bellevue Ave Watchung Ave