PSE&G to complete paving in Paterson


After PSE&G upgrades the gas lines in your neighborhood, we first wait for the ground to settle and then return to restore roads with permanent paving in accordance with each town’s ordinance and paving requirements. Our goal is to complete this work with minimal impact to customers. Police will be directing traffic, and residents will be able to drive on the roads once paving is complete. You will have access to your driveway throughout the work.

If you have any questions about the restoration process, you may call and leave a voicemail hotline 833-661-6200

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to complete these important upgrades to your gas service – ensuring the safety and reliability of your gas service now, and for many years to come.

PSE&G is on schedule to start milling and paving in Paterson on Thursday August 30th.


Between Streets

Albion Ave.

Totowa Ave. to Crosby Ave.

Belmont Ave.

Burhans Ave. to West John St.

Coral St.

Woodruff St. to Union Ave.

Crosby Ave.

Ryerson Ave. to Oxford St.

Doremus St.

Redwood Ave. to Kearny St.

Edmund Ave.

Chamberlain Ave. to End

Edmund Ave.

Hill St. to Totowa Ave.

Henry St.

Sherman Ave. to Redwood Ave.

James St.

Ryerson Ave. to Wayne Ave.

Jane St.

West Broadway to Oxford St.

Jasper St.

Katz Ave. to 160’ E/O Katz Ave.

John St.

Crosby Ave. to Garrison St.

Katz Ave.

Redwood Ave. to West Broadway

Kearny St.

Crosby Ave. to Totowa/End

Main St.

Broadway to 160’s/o Van Houten St.

Manchester Ave.

James St. to End

Oxford St

Garrison St. to James St.

Paterson Ave.

Totowa Ave. to End

Preakness Ave.

Granite Ave. to Chamberlain Ave.

Preakness Ave.

Crosby Ave. to Totowa Ave.

Ryerson Ave.

Totowa Ave. to Union Ave.

Ryerson Ave.

Union Ave. to Crosby Ave.

Sheridan Ave.

Totowa Ave. to Crosby Ave.

Sherman Ave.

Totowa Ave. to Crosby Ave.

Totowa Ave.

Preakness Ave. to Patterson Ave.

Totowa Ave.

Paterson Ave. to Sherman Ave.

Totowa Ave.

Sherman Ave, to Jasper St.

Totowa Ave.

Jasper St. to Riley Ave.

Union Ave.

Sherwood Ave. to W. Broadway

Wayne Ave.

Totowa Ave. to Crosby Ave.

West Broadway

Cedar Cliff Ave. to Katz Ave.

White St.

West Broadway to End

Woodruff St.

Marion St. to Coral St.