PSE&G to upgrade gas facilities in Pennsauken


In early September PSE&G will be working in Pennsauken to replace aging cast iron gas pipes with new, durable plastic and/or coated steel piping – ensuring the continued safety and reliability of our gas system well into the future.

Work will take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., with the potential for Saturday work. The gas main replacement and services portion of the work is expected to be complete by June 2018.

If you reside on one of the streets listed more information will be coming directly to your home.

If you have questions please contact our dedicated GSMP line at 1-833-661-6400 and leave a message.

Below are the streets where work will take place: Red (completed), Blue (In Progress), Green (Not yet started)

Street Between Street 1 Between Street 2
Bannard Ave Velde Ave 145' w/o Velde Ave
Engard Ave Public Alley s/o Zimmerman Zimmerman Avenue
Engard Ave 100' n/o Bannard Ave Public Alley s/o Zimmerman
Holman Ave Velde Ave TS 2082
June Rd River Rd 150' e/o Stow Rd
Lenox Rd River Rd 70' e/o River Rd
Public Alley s/o Zimmerman Velde Ave 136' e/o Engard Ave
River Rd Rt 90 100' s/o Griffith Morgan Ln
Velde Avenue Public Alley s/o Zimmerman Zimmerman Avenue
Zimmerman Avenue Velde Ave Engard Avenue