BEFORE You Close Your Solar Loan ...

Install Meters, Get an Inspection

Know the procedures you need to follow before closing your Solar Loan and getting connected to the PSE&G electric grid.

You can help ensure a smoother onboarding process with your solar energy system by following these steps.

Before Construction

Please contact the PSE&G Net Meter department prior to the commencement of construction of any residential project. An inspection may be necessary prior to the start of work and can often prevent project delays.

The PSE&G CI Net Meter team can be reached at or (800)-722-0256

After Construction

The following steps must be taken prior to closing your solar loan with PSE&G.

PSE&G must receive a final inspection field report from Honeywell and proof that two PSE&G meters have been installed (net meter and inverter meter). Note that the meters can be installed in advance of the Honeywell inspection.

1. Meter Installation

a. Upon completion of construction of your solar project, it is the borrower’s responsibility (or installer on your behalf) to contact your respective township to request a municipal inspection. The Certificate of Approval (COA) from the township is required to install the PSE&G meters.

b. A PSE&G approved meter box and two PSE&G meters (net meter and inverter meter) must be installed.

Please contact our meter department at to arrange for installing the required meter box. The CI Net Meter team can also be reached at (800)-722-0256.

The meter box for the inverter meter must be installed prior to the inverter meter installation by PSE&G. An inspection is required by PSE&G prior to meter installation.

c. After the municipal inspection, you or your contractor must send the COA to

Your contractor will subsequently receive an invoice for the inverter meter from PSE&G.

There is a fee of $253.89. Once paid, the order will be issued for the meter installation.

d. The contractor of record or owner must be on-site to meet with the PSE&G inspector and must know how to operate the system.

2. Honeywell Inspection

Once the project is operational and PSE&G has received a NJ Clean Energy Program (CEP) as-built package from your contractor, PSE&G will order an inspection via Honeywell. An as-built package must be submitted to both NJ CEP and PSE&G.

The as-built forms and directions for state submittal can be found on the NJCEP Website. NJ CEP requires an original package.

PSE&G requires the same package as NJ CEP, but will accept scanned copies via email. You may contact either Patti Taylor or Aracelis Ayala to coordinate further.

Patti Regan Taylor


Aracelis Ayala


3. NJ Certification Letter

You must obtain a NJ certification letter from the NJ CEP, which demonstrates that your solar project is in compliance with state regulations and eligible to receive SRECs. PSE&G must receive the NJ certification letter in advance of closing the loan.

We recommend that you request this letter from the CEP as soon as possible to avoid any potential delays to your loan closing. The NJ CEP issues the certification letter approximately four to six weeks after receiving a final as-built package. The NJ CEP forwards the certification letter directly to the customer by U.S. Mail. Upon receipt, a copy should be sent immediately to the PSE&G contacts above to avoid any delays to your loan closing.

Further details can be found on the NJ CEP Website.

After the loan closing occurs, PSE&G registers the solar system with PJM Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS). PSE&G will forward a quarterly loan statement to the borrower starting four months after the date of the loan closing.